Sports & Recreation

A multi-purpose, indoor stadium in the heart of the City!

Come and play your favourite sport, whether it's in one of our competitions, or just a friendly shoot around.

Our indoor multipurpose sports court is available to hire for teams, groups or schools.

  • Basketball

    Come for a casual shoot around, or play in a comp

  • Futsal

    Come for a casual kick around, or play in a comp

  • Badminton

    Equipment available in-centre

  • Netball

    Play in a comp

  • Volleyball

    Equipment available in-centre, or play in a comp

  • Pickleball

    A great way to socialise and keep active

Court hire and entry fees apply for casual use.

Stadium entry fees

Court hire fees
Full court hire$47.50
Half court hire$28.00

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  • It is a condition of entry into the Cook + Phillip Park Pool Stadium that participants and spectators abide by the codes of conduct.

    Failure to do so, may result in your removal from the sports stadium and/or exclusion from competitions.

    Cook + Phillip Park Pool Stadium bases our player, coach, manager and spectator conduct on our four core values - honesty, caring, respect and responsibility


    • At no time will aggressive, insulting or dangerous behaviour be tolerated
    • Any vandalism or property damage caused by users will be charged to the users
    • No fighting or aggressive behaviour within the Centre or on the sports court/field whatsoever
    • No swearing, disrespecting behaviour or comments indirectly on the sports court/field whatsoever or directly towards players/officials/spectators or Centre staff
    • All players/coaches will respect the direction of staff at all times
    • The referee has the final call and must be shown respect at all times
    • Use of derogatory language based on gender, race or impairment will result in the dismissal from the competition
    • No spiting within the Centre or on the sports court/field whatsoever


    • All players must be registered to play before taking the court
    • Players/spectators must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, or be in posssion of substances within the Centre or on the sports court/field
    • Children under the age of 5 are not permitted into the stadium court unless they are under strict supervision by their parents.


    • All borrowed / hired equipment must be returned to the centre staff
    • No food or drinks are to be taken onto the court playing surface
    • Any spillages anywhere within the Centre must be reported to staff immediately


    • Should your team encounter a problem with the opposition, a referee or a spectator, please approach the competition supervisor immediately. This approach should be made in a polite manner by the team captain. Teams can request centre management or front desk staff to watch their game as an independent witness
    • Management has the right to abandon games for the safety of players, officials and spectators. Personal injury insurance is the responsibility of the individual

    Participants enter the centre at their own risk. Patrons release the Centre from any and all injury which may be sustained whilst they are at the Centre and consent to receiving any medial treatment that the Centre’s staff may reasonably consider necessary or desirable in the event that they suffer and injury whilst at the Centre.