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Why Penny loves learning to swim

We had the opportunity to chat with Cassandra and her daughter Penny, about the importance of learning to swim.

Sun, 10 Sept 2023,
posted by City of Sydney

Penny is a vivacious and bubbly 8 year old who loves nothing more than being with her friends and attending learn to swim lessons at Cook + Phillip Park Pool.

Living in Surry Hills and attending Crown Street Public School, she has been doing swimming lessons since she was a year old.

Her mother, Cassandra said “We have been coming to Cook + Phillip for around four years now – we usually come one to two times a week."

"Usually there are around four to six people in each lesson so every student receives a lot of attention from the instructor.”

Cassandra has seen some remarkable changes over the years in Penny's swimming abilities.

"I have seen a lot of improvements since she started – she can swim faster and further - she can now swim up to 50 metres.

"Added to this she swims with more confidence, her technique has vastly improved, she can jump in the deep end and is really comfortable in the water."

Penny added "I really enjoy the lessons as some of my friends from school are in the classes with me. Plus I have made new friends too.

"I can do all the swimming strokes but my favourite one is breaststroke. I really enjoy the dolphin and diving too.

“I love swimming so much, I even had a pool party for my birthday last year.”

Cassandra has always understood the importance of Penny being able to swim.

“I have always said to Penny that swimming is an essential skill to have – especially being based in Sydney. It plays such an important part of the Australian lifestyle.”

Penny isn’t the only one who is in the pool.

“I often swim in the lane besides Penny so I can help encourage her in the water." Cassandra said.

Cassandra's message to parents who are considering learn to swim lessons for their kids, "I would definitely recommend Learn to Swim lessons for every parent.

"I especially like Cook + Phillip Park Pool as it is such great value for money."

We would like to leave the final and important point with Penny: “I always feel so good after a swim and I really like the teachers."


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