Cook + Phillip Park Pool

Pickleball trial day

Pickleball is a highly contagious sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong using a paddle and plastic ball with holes.

Sun, 5 June 2022,
posted by City of Sydney

Come and experience on of the fastest growing sports in Australia. If you have played tennis, squash, badminton or table tennis you will certainly enjoy this exciting new game.

Join us on the June long weekend and try on of our fastest growing sports programs, Pickleball.

All ages and skill levels are welcome. If you've never played, our friendly Pickleball community will help teach you the game and show you how to play.

Entry is free and all equipment is provided.

Event details

Location: Cook + Phillip Park Pool = Indoor Sports Court

Cost: Free entry

When: Monday 13 June 2022

Time: two sessions will run on the morning

  • First session: 9am - 11am
  • Second session: 11am - 1pm