Cook + Phillip Park Pool

Open day for trans and gender diverse people

Join us for an afternoon and evening of relaxation, swimming, sport, food and fun!

Sun, 4 Dec 2022,
posted by City of Sydney

The trans and gender diverse communities including partners, families, friends and allies are all welcome to join us in a free, family friendly, all ages and alcohol-free ticketed event at Cook + Phillip Park Pool.

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023

Time: 3-10pm

Cost: FREE

The event will include an afternoon and evening of relaxation, swimming, sport, food, and fun accompanied by music courtesy of community DJs.

The Cook + Phillip Park Pool and its amenities will be reserved for the trans and gender diverse community and their supporters for the duration of this event.

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Participants will enjoy exclusive use of the space including access to:

  • Indoor 50m Olympic pool
  • Indoor program pool with free aquarobics classes
  • Indoor wave pool with water features and floaties
  • Supervised access to gym facilities and free group fitness classes.

Participants will be treated to:

  • Free snacks and refreshments
  • DJ's
  • Access to a chill out zone
  • Roaming entertainment
  • Games and interactive demonstrations

Inclusive community sporting and advocacy groups will also be present at the event to provide information and interactive demonstrations.

The centre and pools are wheelchair accessible, however, please let us know if you have additional access needs to consider.

This event will feature sounds and music and at times the space may become noisy with background noise. There may also be smells that you could be sensitive to including pool chemicals and the centre also enjoys strong natural light which could trigger light sensitivity. For people who may find this overstimulating, there will be a chill out zone with low light and noise where people can retreat and connect.

Don't forget your sunscreen and remember to practice sun safety. To help the City reach its sustainability goals, we ask that participants bring their reusable drink bottles from home or be willing to use the recyclable options provided throughout the day to minimise waste.

  • Why is the centre closed to the general public if the event is meant to be inclusive?

    The event is being delivered to bring together the Trans and Gender Diverse community as a collective in a reserved and safe space. At times, the Trans and Gender Diverse Community may not feel comfortable or capable of utilising public amenities, based on shared experiences or barriers.

    The aim of this event is to build upon the participation of the trans and Gender Diverse Community at this special event and hopefully provide a pathway for this community to utilise the centre in the same way that others may feel comfortable and safe in doing so.

    Is this event exclusively for trans and gender diverse people, or can trans and gender diverse people bring their friends, partners and/or family?

    Family and friends are more than welcome. This is an event to enjoy with the people you are close to and who support you, this may be your biological or chosen family and allies.

    Will there be other general members of the public attending on the night?

    No, only trans and gender diverse people and their friends, partners and families will be permitted to enter the centre after 3pm. The event has been designed in such a way that those who attend are showing support for the trans and gender diverse community.

    Is this event open to other members of LGBIQA+ communities who identify as allies of trans and gender diverse people?

    Yes, this event is open to members of LGBIQA+ communities who wish to attend as allies of the trans and gender diverse community.

    Is there a dress-code?

    Wear swimwear that makes you feel safe and comfortable. If swimming, choose from the standard swimwear options of your preference (including one or two-piece bathers, boardshorts, rash shirts)

    If you’re using the gym, you’ll need gym wear of your preference, water bottle and towel with safe enclosed shoes. Please note that jeans, work boots, thongs, sandals, slippers and open-toed shoes are not allowed.

    Is this for any age group?

    Yes, this is an-all ages event and families, and people of all generations are welcome. The event will host a variety of activities suited to families with children, young people, and adults of all ages.

    Families with children will find activities targeted to their interests earlier in the day with young people and adults being catered for in the later part of the day.

    Do I need to register or buy tickets?

    Yes, this is a free ticketed event, meaning you will need to register to attend this event, which can be done through .

    There is no entry fee as this is a free event, however, tickets are limited to 6 per person. If you would like to order more tickets, return to the Eventbrite page and request additional tickets.

    Can I buy food at the event, or can I bring my own?

    There will be light refreshments and snacks provided throughout the day and we’re aiming to consider a broad spectrum of dietary requirements.

    Unfortunately, the cafe will not be in operation on the day. Instead, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks on the day to complement the catering provided or buy snacks from our onsite vending machines.

    Can I bring alcohol, or buy alcohol at Cook + Phillip Park Pool?

    No, alcohol and swimming are not a good combination. This is an alcohol-free event.

    You can enjoy the refreshments made available at the event or buy non-alcoholic drinks from our vending machines onsite.

    What are the plans for toilet and change room amenities at the event?

    All-gender bathrooms and change spaces will be signposted throughout the centre. Our accessible change rooms will remain available to people who need them most.

    Which pools and facilities will be available?

    The centre has pools for exercise, play, and learning to swim, as well as a hydro pool for relaxation and recovery. A range of activities will be planned on the day, but there will still be plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the water independently.

    In the gym, you will find cardio equipment, free weights, pin loaded machines and room for floor work and stretching.

    Existing age limits for some facilities and programming will continue to apply at the event.

    It should be noted that the gym and hydrotherapy pool are only open to people aged 16 years and over, this also extends to participating in group fitness and aqua classes.

    Find more information about our .

    Water safety during the event

    The City of Sydney's aquatic and leisure centres are partnered with the Royal Life Saving Society’s ‘Keep Watch at Public Pools’ program to protect and safeguard our children and young people so they can swim safely and are supervised at all times.

    For more information about the program, visit Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's before visiting one of our centres to better understand your role in active supervision.

    Will there be activities happening during the event?

    Absolutely yes! And hopefully something for everyone.

    Aside from exclusive access to the pool and gym facilities, you will be treated to:

    1. free snacks and refreshments
    2. DJs
    3. access to a chill out zone
    4. roaming entertainment
    5. games and interactive demonstrations.

    Will there be a chill out zone available?

    Yes, there will be a chill out zone available if anyone needs some time away from the activity and noise or has sensory considerations and requires a space to retreat.

    Is this centre accessible?

    Yes, the centre was designed to make sure everyone can join in. Our facilities include:

    • elevator between street level outside St Mary’s Cathedral to the reception/gym level and pool deck
    • ramp access into the centre
    • pool hoist and aqua wheelchair into the 50m pool
    • ramp access and shallow decline into the hydro and leisure pools
    • accessible parking (see details below).

    If you have specific access needs, please advise us as part of the registration process so we can be adequately prepared on the day.

    How do I get there? Is there parking?

    Cook + Phillip Park pool is at 4 College Street, Sydney, on the corner of Park and College streets.

    Bus routes 501, 504 and 506 each have stops within a 5-minute walking distance from the centre.

    The centre is also located a short walk from St James train station and a 15-minute walk from the Town Hall light rail stop on George Street.

    If you’re traveling by vehicle, there is parking available in the Enacon carpark facility located adjacent to the centre. A discounted parking rate applies for a maximum of 2 hours when you attend the centre. Our staff will be able to validate tickets when you exit the centre.

    Who can I talk to for technique or safety advice during the event?

    Our centre manager and/or duty manager, customer service staff, health and fitness staff, swimming instructors and lifeguards will be available to you during the event.

    Our staff are trained around inclusive practices and a condition of their employment includes their ability and desire to support and include all communities in passive and active recreation.

    To show our support, our staff will be wearing a special inclusive uniform at the event. Please ask any of our team should you need any assistance or have any questions – they will be happy to help.

    Will security be available throughout the event?

    No, security will not be present at the event. But if you feel unsafe at any time or have any concerns, please approach one of our friendly staff members who will be happy assist you.

    We will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour and any person disturbing the enjoyment of others will be asked to leave.

    Will there be photography/recording for promotional purposes?

    Yes, we are hoping to take some photos on an opt-in basis.

    But if you attend and want to be excluded from any photography or video, please indicate this at reception when you arrive. We will provide you with a wristband to wear. By wearing this wristband, it will assist our photographer to identify your preference and ensure your identity is not captured in a distinguishable way.

    These pictures will be used to celebrate the event on City of Sydney channels including newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, and websites.

    How do I find out more information?

    Please feel welcome to contact the staff at Cook + Phillip Park Pool to discuss the event or for further information by calling 1300 198 412 or emailing

    Our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.