Cook + Phillip Park Pool

Let us know how to improve the outdoor gym space.

Help us enhance your experience by sharing your thoughts on how to create a better, more inclusive outdoor gym.

Mon, 30 Oct 2023,
posted by City of Sydney

We are inviting members and users of Cook + Phillip Park Pool to provide feedback and input to help shape the future of the outdoor gym facility.

We encourage you to share your insight on outdoor workouts, and ideas to inform how you would use this space.

In addition to your thoughts on usage, we're also eager to hear your suggestions for ensuring accessibility and inclusivity. How can we make this space more welcoming and accommodating for all members, regardless of age or physical ability? Your recommendations on equipment, layout, and any other considerations are instrumental in improving this space.

Finally, we believe the perfect name for this space should reflect its purpose and values. We invite your creative suggestions for a name that encapsulates the essence of the outdoor gym, and it's purpose for health, community, and inclusivity.

Your feedback is instrumental in our commitment to create a better, more inclusive space at Cook + Phillip Park Pool.

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