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Five reasons to keep kids swimming over Winter

Autumn and Winter may be the best time of the year to teach your kids how to swim

Wed, 10 May 2023,
posted by City of Sydney

That chill in the air means the colder months have arrived.

The last thing you're probably thinking of is planning a trip to the pool, but learning to swim during this time has some incredible benefits.

A life skill for all year round

Swimming is more than just a sport. For many of us living along the coast in Australia, it is one of the most important skills anyone, young or old, should have.

Maintain your children’s skills, progress and confidence

After investing time and participating in weekly lessons over Spring/Summer, the last thing you want is to take a long break.

This often results in a regression of previously learnt skills and consistency during the whole year ensures your child’s water safety skills continue to progress and advance.

Research from Royal Life Saving Australia shows that kids who drop out at ages 6 or 7, miss out on essential swimming and water safety skills, and fail to learn basic survival strokes.

Research has also shown that building confidence in the pool also extends to improving cognitive skills, problem solving and following instructions.

Improve health and fitness

With the colder weather, it is natural that we tend to become less active, stay indoors and spend more time looking at screens.

Swimming lessons provide your child with a healthy and fun activity, that gets the whole family out of the house - and healthier kids are happier kids!

Forget about bad weather

Swimming lessons over Winter are delivered within indoor aquatic centres.

Avoid standing on the side-lines in the rain, or the frustration of a match being called off due to poor weather.

With heated indoor pools, you have the perfect temperature all-year-round.

Boost your immune system

There is growing evidence that swimming in cold weather does wonders for your immune system!

Several studies have busted the myth that swimming in Winter can make you sick. In fact, keeping fit improves your health and boosts the immune system and makes the body resilient to stress and illness.

A stronger immune system, makes kids more resilient to stress and less susceptible to catching colds and flus. With a stronger immune system, chances are higher your child gets through the cooler months without getting sick.

City of Sydney GOswim Program

The best news of all is the City of Sydney's learn to swim program, GOswim, runs all-year-round (48 weeks).

New students can can join anytime and there’s no need to wait for a new school term. Autumn and Winter lessons are delivered within indoor aquatic centres across Sydney, including Cook + Phillip Park Pool in Sydney, Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre in Zetland, and Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo.