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City of Sydney Aquatic Club Makes a Splash at Metro Championships

The City of Sydney Aquatic Club (COSAC) had some great results in the recent Metro Championships, with a number of outstanding individual performances.

Mon, 26 Feb 2024,
posted by City of Sydney

The COSAC's 30 swimmers showcased their skills, competing in a total of 85 races at the 2024 NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships which were held from the 24 to 25 February, 2024.

Despite rigorous training schedules, the team delivered outstanding performances, with several top 10 finishes and securing medals in multiple events.

COSAC was the 11th team in terms of the number of swimmers competing, a testament to the club's growing presence and depth of talent.

Among the standout performers were:

  • Stella Flynn in the Multi-class category, with two gold medals and one silver,
  • Marco Pagella, with one gold medal ,
  • Maria Vlezko's with one silver and a bronze medal,
  • Xavier Jacks who had four top 10 finishes.

The success of the team wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of John Bladon, the Director of CoS Swimming, plus the coaching staff and support personnel.

Karen Swinburn's was instrumental in ensuring a smooth and efficient operation throughout the weekend.

Special recognition is also due to coaches Seri Lee and Simone D'Agostino, who made their debut with COSAC, as well as Emily Swinburn and Grant Legge for their invaluable assistance and support.

With dedicated athletes, passionate coaches, and a supportive community behind them, the City of Sydney Aquatic Club is poised for further success in the competitions to come.